A long white garment which can be used by all liturgical ministers. It is a reminder of the baptismal garment worn when the new Christian “put on Chirst.”
A long cord used for fastening some albs at the waist. It holds the loose-fitting type of alb in place and is used to adjust it to proper length. It is usually white, although the liturgical color of the day may be used.
A long cloth “scarf.” According to the manner in which it is worn it is the mark of the Office of the priest or deacon. A priest wears it around the neck, letting it hang down in front. A deacon wears it over his left shoulder, fastening it at his right side.
The sleeveless outer garment, slipped over the head, hanging down from the shoulders covering the alb and stole of the priest. It is the proper Mass vestment for the main celebrant and its color varies according to the feast.

Worn during “Ordinary Time.” Ordinary does not mean ordinary in the sense of common or normal. Ordinary means counting, as in the 15th Sunday in Ordinary Time.

Worn on Passion (Palm) Sunday, Pentecost Sunday, and on the Feast Days of Martyrs including the Apostles and Envangelists.

Worn during the Christmas and Easter seasons and celebrations of Mary, the Angels, the Saints who were not martyrs, All Saints, Birth of John the Baptist, Chair of Peter, Conversion of Paul.
Worn during Advent and Lent.
Worn on the 3rd Sunday of Advent (Gaudete Sunday) and the 4th Sunday of Lent (Laetare Sunday).
Worn at Masses for the dead.

A loose-fitting robe with open sides and wide sleeves worn by a deacon on more solemn feasts. It takes its color from the liturgical feast as listed above.
A long black garment worn by Altar Servers under the Surplice. Also worn by Diocesan Priests (Black), Monsignors (Rose), Bishops (Violet), Cardinals (Red), and the Pope ( White).
This is a wied-sleeved garment, slipped over the head, covering the shoulders, and coming down below the hips. It is worn over the cassock.
A cape-like garment which is put over the shoulders and hangs to the ankles, it is open in the front and worn by a priest or deacon in processions at Benediction and in other services.
Also called the humeral veil. This is a long narrow shawl-like vestment used at Benediction.

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