Msgr. Bernard Moeller

Fourth Pastor, 1898-1916

The first native-born pastor of Old St. Mary’s, Monsignor Moeller came into this world on September 16, 1855, in Cincinnati. Moeller was a brother of Archbishop Henry Moeller and attended St. Joseph School in the West End. In his early years, he worked in a bank and learned finance, which served him well as he handled the financial affairs of the Archdiocese under his brother. After being ordained by Archbishop Elder on December 17, 1887, he served as pastor of SS. Peter and Paul Church in Reading, Ohio, and in 1891 became pastor of St. John’s Church in Harrison, Ohio. In 1891 he was appointed pastor of Old St. Mary’s Church. While at Old St. Mary’s, he was named Assistant Chancellor and seven years later was made Chancellor of the Archdiocese. In 1916 he resigned from his positions due to declining health and moved to Norwood to take up residence with his brother, who was also in poor health. He passed away on December 8, 1928. The funeral Mass was celebrated at St. Peter in Chains Cathedral by Archbishop McNicholas, and he was interred at St. Joseph Cemetery, Cincinnati. His siblings also followed the call to a religious life. Aside from his brother, the Archbishop, who had proceeded him in death, he left behind another brother, Fr. Ferdinand Moeller, S.J. of St. Mary’s Church in Cleveland, Ohio, and a sister, Sister Henry Marie S.C., at Mt. St. Joseph in Cincinnati, Ohio.